Who are we? What do we do? Where do we live?




Igor Pesando
I'm born in Turin Nov. 9th 1964. I took my high school degree at liceo scientifico San Giuseppe. I then took my Degree and PhD in Physics at University of Torino. Afterwards I was postdoc at Niels Bohr Institute and NORDITA in Copenhagen. I'm now Assistent Professor of Theoretical Physics at University of Torino. My research interests are string theory and genomics.
I'm a supporter of free software.

Maja Wohllebe
I' m born in Roskilde (Denmark) and I grew up in Hvalsø. I took my high school degree at Himmelev Gymnasium in Roskilde.

Jacob Pesando
I' m born in Copenhagen in a March snowy day. Now I go at school at Sclarandi in Torino and I spend every summer holidays in Denmark.

Laura Liv Pesando
I'm born in Torino in 2000 and I now at kindergarden in Via Guido Reni.

Famiglia Pesando Wohllebe Tel: +39-011350955. Via Veglia 37/c, I-10136 Torino. E-mail: igor@pesando.com